My Sexy Saturday – 11/22/14 – The Cowboy’s Rules – #ASMSG #COWBOYS #SPANKING #ROMANCE

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In keeping with the theme of this week’s bloghop, I return to the first book of the Cowboys After Dark series.


cowboysebook copy

(Excerpt Edited To Fit The Seven Paragraph Parameter)

Face flushed, holding her stinging cheeks, Cassie watched him stride away, then began sweeping up the pellets, disposing of them in the manure dumpster behind the barn. It was a long, tedious job, and when she finally made it home, fully expecting to receive another lecture and more spanking, she was shocked when he handed her a pad of paper and a pen.

“Go into my office and write out ‘I will follow the rules,’ one hundred times. Don’t come out until you’re finished.”

It had been an effective punishment, and she didn’t swear she’d never lift a heavy bag of feed again because she didn’t have to, they both knew she wouldn’t, and whether Cassie had been aware of it or not Chad had an inkling the entire episode had been more of a test of his will than anything else.

The weeks slipped by and the Christmas season was upon them. The white stuff fluttered from the sky coating the ranch and transforming the landscape into the cliché of a winter wonderland.

Hannah and Cassie had ventured out on a clear day to find the perfect tree, then sent Chad and Marty out to chop it down. When the men had returned and set it up in the living room the ranch had a tree decorating party, with Mandy and Jennifer tasked with creating the champagne punch and the eggnog, and Hannah and Cassie cooking the nibbles.

It had been decided that on Christmas Eve the residents of Horse Haven would celebrate privately, whether that meant staying on the ranch, or going out to celebrate with friends and family, but on Christmas Day anyone who wished to attend was invited to Chad’s house for Christmas dinner. As Chad stood at the head of the table getting ready to carve the turkey, Mickey barking to hurry him along, he paused and looked across at the happy gathering. His heart was so swollen with joy he was almost speechless.

“Merry Christmas, and thank you for joining me. There are many gifts under that tree, but I have received more this year than any one man could ever wish for. Each of you has given me the gift of friendship, support and loyalty, and Cassie here, well, Cassie has given me the gift her love.”

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Saturday Spankings – 11/22/14 – #ASMSG #SATSPANKS #SPANKING #BDSM

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Hello everyone, and welcome. Please find below another snippet from the voice of a Dominant.


In his own words, long-time friend and Dominant, James Collier, shares his jaunts and jousts in the D/s world, along with his thoughts and insights.

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Like a lightening bolt the epiphany hit: the reason I was so completely comfortable, the reason I had felt no hesitation when she’d asked me to spank her, was because being in charge, being in control, being a disciplinarian, was absolutely who I was.

A ripple later I felt the responsibility of it, and the initial surge sent its second wave.

It took me a minute to regroup, to process what was happening; the Dominant that had been living inside me like a dark shadow was suddenly out, standing under a bright spotlight, and I loved it.

Taking a deep breath I rolled up her fine wool skirt, draping the folds of fabric across her waist, and to my great delight I discovered she was wearing suspenders, and black, full seat knickers. It was an enormously erotic sight, one I’ll never forget, and I indulged myself, casting my eye, capturing the picture.

She wiggled, an unspoken request for me to begin, and I flashed back to my years as a boy sitting outside the headmaster’s office waiting to be called in for a tongue-lashing…or worse…the dreaded cane.


The power of it.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s snippet from, I Am A Dominant, and will hop by the other contributors to this weeks blog.



Maddie Taylor’s Wicked Wanton Wednesday: Interview With A Dominant: #ASMSG #BDSM #SPANKING #ROMANCE


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

An Exclusive Interview with a Dominant on Wicked Wanton Wednesday

by Maddie Taylor

Have you ever wanted to get into the head of a dominant man, root around and see what makes him tick?  Today is your chance.  In this exclusive interview with James Collier, co-author and inspiration for “I am a Dominant” with Maggie Carpenter, we do exactly that.

Take a rare peek into the mind of a Dominant

“I spank for pleasure, and I spank for punishment. The choice is yours.”

~James Collier

Book Description:

James Collier is a London based Dominant, and in this rare, unapologetic exposé, James opens up his life and shares his feelings, his perspective, and even a sampling from his “Directives And Things To Remember,” a list given the women who choose to surrender to his skilled, sensuous hands.

A man who loves Keats as much as The Rolling Stones, James is a disciplinarian and is quick to punish, as his tale of a public spanking makes abundantly clear, but he is also as romantic as he is strict, and he shares stories that will touch your heart.

Journey with James as he spanks with gusto, makes love with passion, and gives us a glimpse into the life of an old-fashioned but modern-day Dominant.




I was, and have remained throughout my life, a shoe buff.  At the time I could ill-afford the expense of exquisitely handmade footwear, but I had indulged my passion a few months before.  Using the fine, soft leather sole on her backside was immensely appealing, and gripping it firmly, I slid it over her white, virgin cheek.

“You’re using your shoe?” she quivered.

“Indeed! Overspending is one thing, but allowing yourself to be at the mercy of a strange man is something else entirely, and deserves to be dealt with.”


“But nothing.  You know I’m right.”

“Yes, Sir, you are right, I’ve just never been spanked with anything other than a hand.”

“Perhaps that’s your problem. Perhaps your discipline hasn’t been adequate, but I’m not interested in participating in anything you’re not completely comfortable with. Should I let you up?”

I had sounded so much older and more experienced than my years, and where it came from I had no clue.

She groaned and squirmed, battling with the question, and I sat, waiting patiently, continuing to slide the sole of my beautiful footwear over her waiting cheek. 

It was a delicious moment of perverse pleasure; my cock was screaming for attention, her scarlet cheek and its milky-white twin were nestled side-by-side, and I knew her desperation to avoid the shoe was just as fierce as my craving to slap it down.

“No, Sir, I…uh…don’t want to get up,” she finally squeaked.

Her desire for the hard discipline sent a new wave of excitement through my loins, and raising the shoe just a few inches from its target, I flicked it down. I heard the stifled cry, and knew it must have held a keen bite. I delivered three more fast swats, and she kicked out her legs, hissing between her teeth. Not wanting to be cruel, and having no idea just how much the shoe leather burned, I decided to offer just a few more before stopping.

“Am I making my point?” I asked, pausing to give her a moment to catch her breath and allow the pain to be fully absorbed.

“Yes, oh, yes, yes,” she panted. “You’re right, you’re right, it’s a really stupid thing to do.”

“Good, I’m glad we’re on the same page.  Three more, then one on each side where you sit.”

The shoe spanked it’s triple a tad slower than the previous three, then delivered two more on the sensitive crease where her thighs met her seat.  She threw back her head, then her hand, and I allowed her spread fingers to rest on her newly scorched skin.

“Oh, Sir, Sir,” she bleated, “I’m dreadfully sorry, I don’t even know you, but you’ve made such an impression.”

I closed my eyes, feeling the divine satisfaction, but it was only a minute or two; my cock needed attention. I looked around the room, trying to decide where and how to ravage her, and as if reading my mind she squirmed her head around for a second time.

“Please, Sir, please will you have sex with me?”

Have sex with me?  It was such a polite request, and it brought a wide smile to my lips.


Maddie’s Intimate Authors Corner

I  jumped at the opportunity to do this interview because how often do we get to crawl around inside a dominant’s head.  A million and one questions came to mind, but I had to limit it to a reasonable few.

Without further I ado, I present James Collier…

He is the Dominant.

Thank you James, and of course, a big thanks to Maggie for making this possible.  First question…

What do you enjoy most about BDSM?

James:  My first thought; the exquisite pleasure I give and derive. The feelings are indefinable and indescribable.  I believe the bond in a D/s relationship is like none other. (It is not my intention to impugn the institution of marriage, I have not been married so cannot comment about how it feels).

The trust and connection that exists between a Dominant and his submissive, when the relationship is deep and abiding, is extraordinary; at this point in my life, in addition to what I wrote above, that is what I enjoy the most, the bond, the trust, the connection.

Maddie:  I often ask authors if they are plotters or pantsers (flying by the seat of their pants).  I imagine that could apply to Doms as well.  What are you?  Do you plan a scene methodically, wing it, or is it something in between?

James:  There are two answers here.

 If I’m turning a fantasy into reality, I take great care in making it as close to the desires of my submissive as possible. Small details matter, and I discuss it at length, making sure I have a clear understanding of her vision.

If there is no fantasy involved, then there is no plan, just a vague feeling of what might transpire. I am guided by instinct, by the mood, by my submissive’s responses, so for me, to have a plan is counter-intuitive.

Maddie:  Is sexual intercourse/gratification a requirement for you to take pleasure in an SM scene?

James:  No, not at all, though it’s always nice to have dessert.

Maddie:  How would you describe your style as a dominant; strict, sensual, permissive, ect.

James:  I’m a very patient person, but I do not take kindly to having that patience tested. I can be very strict when I deem it necessary, but I am an old-fashioned romantic…roses, chocolates, opening doors, helping with coats, pampering, all of the gallantry that many, both male and female, have attempted to quash over the last 15-20 years.  I don’t see myself as permissive; I have guidelines and I expect them to be followed.  I am also extremely sensual, which goes along with my romantic heart. 

How I am perceived as a Dominant, though, would probably be described differently by the women with whom I’ve been involved. I think we all bend somewhat, to fit within the parameters of a relationship; I believe both men and women do that.

Maddie:  How do you view BDSM as a part of your life? A hobby? A lifestyle? For relaxation? A diversion? An integrated aspect within you?

James:  As I see it, BDSM is a label that describes the activity associated with being a Dominant or a submissive. I am a Dominant, wholly and completely.  I know there are some who can live in a vanilla relationship and deal with it, I am not one of those people. Being a Dominant is who I am, not just what I do.

Maddie:  What are some of your personal limits as a top?

James:  This is a very complex and interesting question, and Maggie and I discussed including an episode that would have addressed this, but it was a bit…unattractive (for lack of a better word).

How to be succinct? Unfortunately there have been submissives who have required more physical punishment than I desired to give. I saw it as abusive.  This is where incompatibility comes in. I try not to judge, but there have been times when I have been presented with a line I would not cross, and in one instance I had serious concerns for the lady in question.

Another way to answer might be this example. I am not an advocate of the cane, which I suppose goes against the stereotype of an English Dominant. I do have one, and have used it on occasion, but three strokes, delivered well, are as many as I believe are necessary.  To me, more is overkill.

To summarize, I will not do anything that I see as crossing the line into abuse, but of course that line is relative.

Maddie:  Aftercare, what are your thoughts about it and what do you get out of it the most?

James:  What an important question. Aftercare. The time of ultimate intimacy (at least, for me.)

I give the submissive whatever her heart, body, soul and mind needs and wants, and I always ask. Whatever she desires, whether it be holding her for an hour, making her a cup of tea (yes, that has been asked of me. After the stroking and hugging, it was served to her in bed with crumpets and honey on a tray), and aftercare lasts long past that hour or two following the episode.

The intensity of the episode (sorry, I don’t like the word scene, it reminds me of the theatre and I don’t see what I do in that light) determines the depth of the aftercare, and it is all about her. 

What do I get out of it? Very big sigh here…the joyful pleasure of showing my submissive that she is treasured, and the reassurance that I have given us both what we need.

Maddie:  There are wannabes, abusers and frankly, some SOB’s out there.  How would you advise a submissive to identify these Dom posers in her search for that special one?

James:  Great question, and an important one, and I appreciate you allowing me to weigh in on this.

First, subs aren’t the only ones who can fall victim to a crazy person. In the book I share an experience I had with a woman who could have caused me a great deal of grief.  Fortunately I got out in time, but only because some friends of mine knew about her and warned me, though I was, at the time, determining how best to extricate myself.

Now, if you would, please just give me a minute while I climb on to my soapbox

Sadly, many (if not most) of the Psycho-Doms (my general term for abuser’s, SOB’s and the like) know how to play on a woman’s emotions, and suck them in with charm, hiding the devil inside until they have her head spinning.

I would advise men and women, vanilla, Dominant or submissive, to do some general reading about narcissists and sociopaths.  There is a ton of information on the web, easy to understand and assimilate.  Most Psycho-Dom’s are either narcissists or sociopaths, sometimes even a narcissistic sociopath. 

Google, “How to spot a narcissist,” then google, “How to spot a sociopath.”  You find similarities, and both are extremely destructive personality types. 

They are incredibly adept at being charming and sensuous, and can mimic emotion as well as any Bafta winning actor, (or in your case, Oscar-winning actor) but knowledge is power, and even a small amount of information might help you identify them should they cross your path.

There is a figure being quoted in the US that estimates 25% of the population is narcissistic/sociopathic; that’s 1 in 4. It’s an alarming statistic.  I cannot find a figure in the UK, but I suspect it’s probably similar.  Forewarned is forearmed. Learn the signs and this will not only help you with potential partners, but in your life generally.

I’m climbing off my soapbox now.

To finish, (because the last words are usually the ones most remembered) listen to your instinct.  There are two examples in the book where I didn’t, and suffered the consequences. If you feel something is off, don’t dismiss it because he has such a sparkling personality. If you’re feeling it there’s a reason. Proceed with caution, watch and pay attention.

Maddie:  What was your favorite part of working on the book, is there anything included about which you’re now having second thoughts, and what is your least favorite element (if you have one).

James:  Looking back on one’s life is a double-edge sword. Reviewing the choices made, tragedies, triumphs, and bittersweet memories can bring both delight and a touch of sadness.

 I suppose my favorite part was taking a step back and viewing my growth as both a Dominant and a man, and recalling things I’d forgotten…it was rather like turning the pages of an old photo album discovered in a closet. 

Of concern: there is something I did – a grand gesture – for a very special woman. It was extremely sentimental and since Maggie left most of the decisions up to me, when she pushed for this particular incident to be included I knew she felt it was important.

I was concerned that it was too over the top, that not knowing me the reader might think it out of character for a Dominant. There are two sides to me to be sure, and including the episode highlighted the softer side of me. 

It felt strange when I read it, and still does…a bit.  As I just wrote that it dawned on me; perhaps it feels strange because it was such a profound and personal moment, it’s almost a bit embarrassing, but having said that, I am very proud of it as well, so…

The only thing that bothers me, is that I wouldn’t say, call me on my cell, I would say, ring me on my mobile. I spell certain words differently, behaviour, not behavior, etc, but for reasons Maggie and I discussed, I let these minor items pass.

May I indulge a moment here, and say thank you, Maddie, for allowing me to speak. To respond to these questions has been a truly thought-provoking and interesting experience.  Thank you. 

Maddie:  It was my pleasure James.  As we conclude, I want to wish you and Maggie great success with I AM A DOMINANT.

I feel certain your candid answers will spark my readers interest such that they hop on over to Amazon and 1-click to learn more.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Thank you so much.


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Dominance and submission – To Be Weak – #ASMSG #BDSM #SURRENDER


She thinks about it often,

too often,

 the idyllic state of surrender.

The sweet bliss of the blindfold,

the gentle strength of the rope,

the helplessness,

the release,

the freedom.

The spicy sting of his hand erases the guilt,

and stops her churning, agonizing thoughts.

In those moments,

she is utterly his,

the only expectation,

is that she has none,

except to be there,

completely there.

She thinks about it often,

too often,

and she aches

to be engulfed in his arms,

to rest her weary head against his chest,

to give away her power,

and be weak.

My Sexy Saturday: 11/14/2014 – I Am A Dominant – #ASMSG #MYSEXYSATURDAY #SPANKING #ROMANCE


Welcome, and thank you for stopping by.  I’m delighted to share with you a snippet from my latest novel, a collaboration with long-time friend and Dominant, James Collier.  In I AM A DOMINANT, he shares some of his more notable exploits, his thoughts and his insights.

DomCoverFinal small


(Slightly edited for the seven sentence rule)

 Her mouth hungrily responded, then her tongue darted through my teeth sparking tiny electric shocks. I pressed my lips in a demanding, devouring kiss, taking control, and she squirmed under me, fighting my hold.

“Stop…I’ll ravage you, or I will slowly consume you, piece by delicious piece, but I will decide which it will be, now behave.”

I heard her gasp, and sensed a slight tremble.

“Do you understand?”

“I d-do, I’m just…f-feeling so m-much, you t-turn me on so m-much.”

Are there any words that can send a pulsing hunger through a man more than those? Certainly not this man, and I heard myself growl as I buried my lips against her neck, my cock pressing urgently against my trousers.

Thank you for stopping by, and I trust you enjoyed this saucy, sweet snippet.  Please find below the list of contributors to this week’s hop. I’m sure they would love a visit.

SatSpanks: I Am A Dominant: 11/14/14 #ASMSG #SATSPANKS #SPANKING #ASMSG

Saturday Spankings-467x200

Hello everyone, and welcome.  I’m so pleased to offer my snippet for the week from


From his own words, long-time friend and Dominant, James Collier, shares his jaunts and jousts in the D/s world, along with his thoughts and insights.  There is so much from which to choose this is difficult, but I’ll do my best.

DomCoverFinal small


Having been asked by his submissive to take her in hand should she buy cigarettes, James does just that!  I’m sure if it were me, any temptation would be quickly extinguished after this short, wicked punishment.

Having learned that the gummy whip needs little force to make its impact, I raised it a short distance from her cheek, then dispatched the two strikes in quick succession, the second slightly below the first. She howled into the pillow, then jumped up and furiously rubbed at the red stripes.

“Fuck, that hurts, fuck, fuck.”

I was about to reprimand her but thought better of it, and moving to the opposite side of the bed I waited for her to compose herself and bend back down, but she was taking too long.

“Return to your position,” I demanded, “and keep those fingers locked.”

Muttering under her breath she did as I instructed, and laying the gummy whip against the virgin cheek, I teased for a moment before delivering the same two flicks, one after the other.

“Ooh, shit,” she wailed, “that stings like crazy. Please, no more, no more!”

“I told you, two on each side. Stay as you are.”

Hope you enjoyed this naughty little whipping, (well, as much as one can enjoy a naughty little whipping) and have time to swing by the other contributors to this week’s bloghop.




I AM A DOMINANT – Introduction From James – #ASMSG #BDSM #SPANKING #D/S


DomCoverFinal small

My name is James Collier, I am a Dominant, I live north of London in Hampstead Village. In the pages of this book I share my thoughts, a few notable experiences, and yes, my feelings.  Dare a Dominant say such a thing?

I can hear the groans…sharing feelings? Yes, because how we feel is who we are, and this book is about who I am.

Being a Dominant is not something that happened one memorable day. No light bulb went off, no great epiphany rattled through my soul, (though I did have moments that can be described as such.) It was a growing awareness, and when the first experience fell into my lap (literally) it was a confirmation of everything I had come to know about myself.

At an early age my desires ran to something different from my friends, i.e. man on top, woman on bottom, let’s do the humpity bump. It was the stories of spankings, bondage and the strict Masters depicted in Victorian erotica that made the blood rush to my head (and, uh, my head).

Please Note: I was blessed with loving, long-married parents, siblings with whom I had no issues outside the expected squabbling, and I was fortunate to be educated within the hallowed halls of a centuries-old university.  I find it distressing that Dominants and submissives are often portrayed as having been damaged in their early years, and that damage is what has caused them to pursue what by many, is considered an aberrant lifestyle.

So, for the record, I am no more or less damaged than the average male.  I just happen to love, love, love, dominating women. I also love, love, love women, period. My role encompasses many things; being supportive, uplifting, a disciplinarian to be sure, a shoulder to cry on, and should a bead of wisdom drop from the sky that enables me to advise and counsel, I feel blessed.

I would also like to point out that this book wasn’t my idea. Maggie Carpenter, a dear friend for many years, often suggested (as in, she habitually harassed) that I write my memoirs. I didn’t see my life as anything particularly special, but Maggie is nothing, if not tenacious. I was rather chagrined to admit that I had not read any of her work, and when I finally agreed to think about a book, I zipped through the British Billionaire Bachelor series, a trilogy she claims was based loosely on yours truly. (I must point out, that while I am successful, and British, my net worth begins with an m not a b, and I’m sorry to say I do not own a jet or a grand country estate.)

I enjoyed the books immensely, and admit that certain qualities about Simon (the hero) did remind me of myself; I suppose my ego won out. When I told Maggie I would give her the fodder if she did the work, she immediately began interrogating me. After endless hours on the phone, and too many emails to count, here we are.  It has been a fascinating journey for us both; at times enlightening, other times we were laughing so hard we had to stop, and I admit to moments of sober soul-searching as I relived some of my choices.

This is not a biography, but a recounting of some of the more romantic, debauched, and whimsical of my dances inside the decadent world of Dominance and submission. They are complimented with my thoughts and feelings at the time, and any insight that I may have gained.

As my life as a Dominant emerged, so did a list called, Directives and Things To Remember. They were given to each woman with whom I became involved. Some are borrowed (you may recognize them) others were borne from circumstance. There are more at the end of the book.

Safe Words.
Orange and Red.
Orange: Proceed with caution. Red: Stop.
These colors have a universal meaning. It’s a no-brainer. Please don’t tell me your safe word is Black Rose, or some other ambiguous phrase that I’m supposed to remember.

My nature is to nurture.
Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.

I spank for pleasure, and I spank for punishment.
The choice is yours.

If you test me, you won’t be disappointed.
Please don’t, but if you do, I suspect you will only do it once.

I keep my promises.
No amount of Please, Sir’s will change my mind, and might annoy me. It’s not a good idea to annoy me when I’m already there.

I love cheeky. I don’t love a brat.
If you don’t know the difference, tell me. I’ll enlighten you.

Instructions are to be followed.
If you not sure I meant it, don’t, and see what happens.

It’s only one piece of the punishment pie.

Lying never ends well.
And somehow, I always find out.

I Am A Dominant, and here, with the help of Maggie Carpenter, are a few of my adventures.  All names have been changed (including my own).


Dominance and submission: I AM A DOMINANT: Cover Reveal and Excerpt: #ASMSG #ROMANCE #BDSM #SPANKING

I am very excited to reveal my new naughty novel.




DomCoverFinal small

Take a rare peek into the mind of a Dominant

“I spank for pleasure, and I spank for punishment. The choice is yours.”
James Collier

James Collier is a London-based Dominant, and in this rare, unapologetic expose he shares, as he puts it, “some of the more romantic, debauched, and whimsical of my dances.” With help from Maggie Carpenter, he has dramatized his stories and put them together for this unique novel.

James opens up his life and shares his feelings, his perspective, and even a sampling from his “Directives And Things To Remember,” a list given the women who choose to surrender to his skilled, sensuous hands.

A man who loves Keats as much as The Rolling Stones, James is a disciplinarian and is quick to punish, as his tale of a public spanking makes abundantly clear, but he is also as romantic as he is strict, and he shares stories that will touch your heart.

Journey with James as he spanks with gusto, makes love with passion, and gives us a glimpse into the life of an old-fashioned but modern-day Dominant.


She reached across to grab one of the loose cushions near the headboard, and I barely gave her time to settle before I began landing my palm with hard smacks. The satin fabric provided little protection from my slow, solid swats, and it didn’t take long before she was squealing into the pillow, and gyrating her hips from side to side.

“That was a decent start,” I declared. “Go into the closet and take off your clothes, all of them.”

Rising from my lap she grabbed her seat cheeks as she hurried away, and I took the respite to open my robe and rub my cock. It was standing at full attention, which was a problem since I had planned to send her to sleep with a well spanked bottom and a wet, hungry pussy. Hearing the closet door open I covered myself up, and turning around I saw her lovely nakedness walking towards me.

“Stay on that side of the bed and bend over the mattress, legs spread,” I ordered.

She splayed herself out, and walking around I saw how wonderfully crimson her bottom was.

“Tell me again, why are you being punished?”

“Because I was disobedient.”

“That’s only part of the reason, what’s the rest?”

“Because I tested you, because I wanted you to take control of me…like this…” she stammered.

“It’s called, being a brat,” I said sternly. “You threw a tantrum just like a brat, and brats require tough love.”

“Please, Sir,” she bleated, “I’m truly sorry.”

Ignoring her whimpering plea I sat down next to her and resumed my work, slapping her red skin with hard rapid swats, catching her sit spot with slicing blows that made her kick out and squeal.

“Sir, I swear, I’m so dreadfully sorry,” she wailed.

“I’m sure you are, but brats need strong discipline,” I replied, and reaching into my pocket I retrieved the thick butt plug I’d taken from my bag. “Pull your cheeks apart.”

Burying her head and groaning into the mattress she did as she’d been told; rising to my feet and standing behind her, I carefully applied a small amount of lube, then gently began to slide the plug home.

“Sir, it’s so big,” she mewled.

“Tough love, Caroline, open and accept it.”

Groaning loudly she did as I’d instructed, and as it moved into place I felt her resignation. My message had gotten through. Now I needed a simple underscore, along with an insurance policy for the future.

My Sexy Saturday – 11/8/2014 – Ready For The Holidays? #ASMSG #EROTICA #ROMANCE



MSS_button 250x250

Can you believe it? Soon Santa will be climbing down your chimney.  Terrifying how fast the weeks tick by.  Here is a four book set of tantalizing tales to keep you hot on those cold winter nights, or perhaps a scandalous gift for a special someone. Regardless, here’s a snippet from one of them,


Box Set Small


A deeply romantic tale with a little bit of mysticism, plenty of spanking, salacious sex, and the deliciously satisfying outcome of an elusive love.

The first time they made love.

(Slightly edited to fit the 7 paragraph rule)

Moving on top of her he dropped his fingers between her legs, and feeling her warm, luscious dew he breathed in sharply.

“You’re so wonderfully wet,” he murmured, “so ready and wanting,” and moving his cock against her hungry pussy he paused for a moment, relishing the warm invitation, then pushed forward.

With slow, deliberate thrusts, his body resting upon hers, he luxuriated in her enveloping folds and the rubbing of her sharp nipples against his chest. He could feel her fingers clutching at his back, and as she urgently called out his name he accelerated, pumping her with abandon.

Lost in the emotion of their lovemaking, her hot bottom fueling her passion, she lifted her arms around his neck and began kissing him fervently, pressing her tongue between his teeth, dancing it against the roof of his mouth. Her passion spurred him forward, and feeling his moment surging he moved his mouth to her ear.

“Come for me,” he growled, “come for me hard.”

Squeezing her eyes shut she felt her body grow taut as the pending eruption hovered, and when the spasm broke, sending the tingling convulsions rippling through her body, she cried out her joy, lifting her pelvis in a demand for more.

Though his own moment had taken him he found himself mesmerized by her rapture, and gazing down at her beauty he felt his heart filled with an overwhelming joy. His cock was spewing but all he could focus on was her, and the intense love flooding his soul.

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Dominance and submission – Wip It Up – 11/5/2014 – Excerpt: I AM A DOMINANT – #ASMSG #SPANKING #BDSM


I’m very excited to be posting this excerpt, and reveal that my new release is a collaboration.  An English Dominant, James Collier, a friend for many years,  finally agreed to make this happen.

In, I AM A DOMINANT,  he unapologetically shares some of his experiences, his insights, and his unique Dominant perspective. 


Release: Week of 11/10/2014

(This is not the cover, but it struck me as rather wonderful).Blackabr

“So, Helen, you’re about to be punished already. Taking a peek when you were told not to, tsk tsk,” I scolded, “but because you owned up your spanking won’t be as hard as it could be, though it did take some pressure for you to admit your wrongdoing, so that has to be taken into account.”

“Yes, Sir,” she muttered.

“Sir, that’s good. Look how easily that slipped out. You have a beautiful backside, Helen. It’s made for spanking, and you’d better behave whenever we’re together because I won’t hesitate to turn you over my knee.”

“Yes, Sir, I’ll try.”

My palm had been caressing and squeezing, and I let it fly, whisking at the crease, the sensitive sit spot where she’d feel it the most.

“OW, that hurts.”

“As I continue,” I said, landing another on the opposite side, “if you ask me to stop, or protest, or throw your hands behind you, I’ll have to fetch my slipper from the hall closet, and trust me, you’d rather I not do that.”

“Ooh, Sir, you’re so strict.”

“Yes, Helen, I am strict,” I replied, smacking once more, “and now I’m going to ignore your yelps. You may howl as much as you wish, but remember my warning.”

Leaning forward I began spanking in earnest, covering the width and breath of her comely cheeks, increasing the tempo and force as the minutes ticked by. Her gasps and moans were left unheeded as I continued, but she didn’t give me cause to fetch my slipper, and when her skin was somewhere between pink and crimson I stopped.

“Do you think you’ll peek again?”

“No, Sir,” she whimpered.

“Will you answer honestly the first time from now on?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I also spanked you because you didn’t just need it, you wanted it. Perhaps not quite as hard, but you did want it, correct?”

“Yes, Sir, definitely not quite as hard, but yes, Sir.’

Reaching between her legs I found a river of hunger, and my cock, already standing at attention, demanded to go swimming.

“Stay as you are, I’ll be back in a moment.”

Moving quickly into the guest room I retrieved a condom from the nightstand, and reminiscent of John Cleese in any number of hilarious stripping scenes, I attempted to remove my clothes as I hurried back to her; thanking the D/s Gods for blindfolds I fell back on the couch.

“You’re going to straddle me and sit on my cock,” I said firmly (though slightly out of breath) and slipped the wetsuit in place.

It took me a minute to help her up and position over my lap, then clutching her hot cheeks I guided her on to my eager member. She sighed heavily as she sank down, then let out a long, deep moan. Her ample bust was still covered by the lacy corset cups, and taking hold of the slender spaghetti straps across her shoulders, I slid them down.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed this short excerpt from a book I’m thrilled to have been able to bring to life.  There are some other terrific tidbits waiting from other hoppers. I do hope you have time to swing by and check them out.

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