My Sexy Saturday – 8/30/2014 – An Excerpt From “Wanted” – A Sexy Cowboy Novel – #ASMSG #Romance #Sexy Saturday


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Please find below, a romantic, sexy, snippet from,

WANTED Small For Blogs

“Hey,” he said tenderly, “this is all gonna work itself out,” and moving Ghost close to Dusty, holding his reins in one hand, he brought the other to the back of her head, and leaning across the narrow space between them he brought his lips to hers.

The lingering, loving kiss enveloped Tess in a tingling warmth, and as their mouths mingled longingly, their tongues lightly touched, sending her pulse racing and her butterflies fluttering. His lips were full and moist, his hand on the back of her head firm and sure, and when he pressed with greater fervor, his mouth suddenly demanding, she moaned as an aching need surged through her sex.

Breaking away he sighed heavily, still clutching her neck.

“Tess,” he breathed.

The intense blaze in his eyes, the grip of his hand, the sparkling passion he was radiating, relayed the truth in his soul, and with her heart thundering she whispered,

“Me too.”


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Saturday Spankings: 8/30/2014 – Wanted Excerpt – #ASMSG #BDSM #SPANKING #COWBOYS


Hello Again Fellow Kinksters

I received a request for a continuation of last week’s snippet from,

WANTED Small For Blogs

and I’m more than happy to oblige.

 A Reminder Of The Set Up.

Our cowboy hero, Luke Larson, has instructed his lady-love to stay at home while he makes a dash through the woods on his way to a hide out.  Of course she knows better, and decides to follow him to provide backup.  When she is discovered he is furious that she put herself at risk, and orders her to place her hands on the trunk of a tree, arch her back, and be prepared to pay for her gross disobedience.

(Edited for brevity)

“You need to get back to your car and go home,” he said, his voice unexpectedly tender, “and I’ll call you when I make it to the ranch.”

“Okay, I’m going, but please be careful.”

“You know I am gonna whip your butt properly for comin’ out here, just as soon as I can.”

“Just stay safe,” she whispered, and with her bottom stinging she turned and moved slowly through the trees, but it was only a few minutes later that she paused.

Wait, I just saved his bacon, and he may not have liked that I came out here but I can’t let him just keep going without any kind of backup. I’ll follow from a safe distance, just for a few minutes.

She pretended not to hear the warning voice in her head, the one that told her she was in enough trouble already. It was like a vague shadow on a cloudy day, and happy with her decision she turned around and started to return the spot where she’d just left him.


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My Sexy Saturday – 8/23/2014 – ‘WANTED’ – Sexy Cowboy Excerpt #ASMSG #COWBOYS #SEXYSATURDAY

 Good To Be Back With You All


This week I’m sharing a sexy snippet from my just released cowboy romance

WANTED Small For Blogs

Ripping off his robe he fell beside her, lowering his mouth to her breasts, sucking hungrily as he squeezed and caressed.

“Luke, I’ve thought about this so many times,” she moaned, and lifting her body to meet his tongue as he moved down her stomach, she gasped with every inch he journeyed until he landed between her legs, eliciting a squeal of delight.

Recalling his fantasy he moved his hands under her spanked cheeks, and feeling the heat he’d just delivered sent his engorged cock pulsing as it pressed against her leg.

“Luke, please, please, make love to me,” she groaned.

Her yearning plea was too tempting to ignore, and sliding up the length of her body he allowed his cock to slither through her slick wetness.

“Tess,” he groaned, “you feel…” but he let his voice trail off, unable to find the words that could describe the extraordinary rush of physical and emotional joy.

His thrusts were slow and deliberate, his whispered words and roaming hands seeking out the body he’d dreamed of every cruel night he’d been locked up.

I hope you enjoyed this tantalizing taste of true love between this unjustly convicted cowboy and his lady-love, and you have time to visit the other authors who have participated in this weeks hop, for some more wicked, sexy fun.




So happy to be back and participating in this weeks hop.

Please find below an excerpt from my just released cowboy romance,

WANTED Small For Blogs

Set Up

Our cowboy hero, Luke Larson, has instructed his lady-love to stay at home while he makes a dash through the woods on his way to a hide out.  Of course she knows better, and decides to follow him to provide backup.  When she is discovered he is furious that she put herself at risk, and orders her to place her hands on the trunk of a tree, arch her back, and be prepared to pay for her gross disobedience.

Gritting her teeth she pushed out her backside, closed her eyes, and waited. The rod tapped against her a few inches below the center of her cheeks, then returned with a blindingly hot strike.

Her hands flew behind her and she bolted upright, hissing in the air between her teeth.

“Shit, shit, shit,” she whispered rubbing furiously.

Dropping the stick he grabbed her wrist and pulled her into him, then pushing away her other hand he clutched her seat cheeks and dropped his mouth to her ear.

“That’s what happens to disobedient young women,” he breathed, “they get their bottoms roasted, and I’m not done with you.”

“It stings so much,” she bleated.

“Good,” he replied, “I care about you too much to let you get away with something so dangerous, do you understand?”

(Yes, I snuck in that extra line.  Couldn’t help myself.  I shall report for the appropriate discipline when called upon).

I hope you enjoyed this spanky snippet, and you have the time to hop around to the other naughty posts.

Cowboys After Dark: Book 5 – “WANTED” – Just Released – #ASMSG #SPANKING #EROTIC ROMANCE #COWBOYS

I’m very excited to announce the release of the fifth book in my series,

Cowboys After Dark

This was great fun (and wicked) to write and I hope it will be great fun (and wicked) to read.

Luke Larson, my new cowboy, took me on quite the ride.

RELEASE DATE 8/21/2014

Her chest was rising and falling with her heavy breaths, her heart was hammering, and she was fighting a torrent of tears.
“Like I said,” she snapped, “what is there to explain?”
“You need a spankin’,” he said solemnly, “a real good spankin’.”
“What?” she exclaimed. “What kind of a thing is that to say to me right now?”



LUKE LARSON is desperate, a wanted man on the run.

Having escaped from the penitentiary after being convicted of a crime he didn’t commit, he risks returning home to clear his name and win back the trust and love of Tess Turner, the woman he left behind, the woman who consumed his thoughts every day of his imprisonment.

TESS TURNER is an independent spirit, a feisty woman with a mind of her own and a penchant for taking risks. Believing the handsome cowboy is behind bars and far away, she is shocked when late one blustery night he sweeps into her cafe.

His deeply troubled eyes capture hers with their steady, impenetrable gaze, and she finds herself breathless, unable to speak or move, and she is faced with a dreadful decision; help him, or call her brother, the Deputy Sheriff, and turn him in.

WANTED will keep you turning the page, and  hold you in its grip as surely as Luke’s large hand grips Tess. Well-deserved spankings and wicked tumbling between the sheets fills the pages of this deliciously hot jaunt, and introduces a new hero into the Western Erotic Romance Genre; sexy spanking cowboy, Luke Larson.

Dominance and submission – A Little Thing Called Change – #ASMSG #CHANGE

“It happened so fast.”


Often spoken words.

Change flirts with us before descending.

It tickles our fancy,

takes a provocative pose,

seduces us with promise.

Sometimes change creeps up behind us,

taps us on the shoulder,

and when innocently we turn,

it punches right in our proverbial nose.

This time she has sought out change,

chased it even,

thrown a lasso around its ankles,

and has been wrestling it to the ground.

Some have called her brave,

others foolish,

perhaps she is both.

She no longer lives in the shadows of her past.

He who marched past the guard at her gate,

took her captive,

and kept her in a high tower,

making her a prisoner of her needs,

has finally become a ghost.

He has slithered away from her consciousness,

and now she is free.

Leaping forward into a new life,

change has become her partner.

Not her enemy or friend,

but her partner.

Together they will explore,

they will fail and they will succeed,

and maybe, just maybe,

change will allow another to whisk her on to his horse,

and gallop her away to a castle she has not yet seen.

Wherever she goes,

whatever might cross her path,

her partner will be with her.

because there is nothing so constant,

as that little thing called change.

Dominance and submission – Searching For Superman – #ASMSG #ROMANCE #SPANKING #EROTICA


She thinks about him all the time,

the man who will be her Superhero.

His hair is brown, dark brown,

or sandy, maybe even blonde.

His eyes are hazel,

sometimes green,

but then she sees them as blue.

He’s tall,

lean, muscular, broad-shouldered,

or perhaps slight of build.

Superman could come in any shape or form,

but he is still Superman.

His heart is open, warm, inviting.

The arms that hold her won’t just hold her,

they will engulf her,

envelop her,

and swallow her up in their loving protection.

And when she’s naughty,

or… just because,

his wide palm will pepper her skin,

staining her bottom with a deep, pink blush.

The ribbon, or cord, or rope,

that bind her wrists,

will hold her fast,

and the light-stealing blindfold will heighten her senses,

as he leads her down the path of their dark, delicious, erotic journey.

In the deep quiet of the night she sees him,

wandering through the shadowy twilight of her mind…

…when her eyes blink open he haunts her days,

and dogs her steps.

Her search for Superman continues.

WHIP IT UP – Blog Hop – 7/30/2014 – The Hourglass – Excerpt


Such a great name for a blog hop, and keeping with the theme please find a (somewhat) naughty excerpt from my latest release, which I hope reflects the sweet romance of this story.



A Romantic Tale

(but with spanking and all kinds of naughtiness).

 In the Plow and Angel Beth was finishing her meal, treating herself to a truly sinful dessert; a Grand Marnier Souffle with Passionate Fruit Creme Anglaise, and with every mouthful she closed her eyes, savoring the rich, creamy, luscious flavors.

I wish someone was spoon-feeding me this. Mmmm, if I was tied to a bed and blindfolded, how totally scrumptious that would be, and once again the words of a sensuous paragraph began to write themselves in her head.

Her bottom, still deliciously warm from his spanking hand, her cunt filled with a wet hunger, the shackles that held her wrists to the headboard, and the blindfold that had stolen her sight, only served to fuel her carnal need. As he touched the spoon to her mouth her heart palpitated with anticipation, but the ambrosial aroma fired her senses eliminating all concern, and hungrily her lips parted, inviting the unknown dessert to enter.

So focused was she on her fantasy and the satisfyingly succulent dessert, she didn’t see Michael wander past the open entrance as he searched out the bathrooms; she didn’t see him abruptly stop and stare across the room; she didn’t see him gaze in shock at the sight of her, then focus on the expression of sublime bliss that was painted across her face.

A waiter hurried past jolting him from the mesmerizing moment, and completely unnerved Michael moved on to the restroom.

What the hell? Where did she come from? This is completely bizarre.
Get a grip! Go back and say hello! Hector was right.
She’s probably with someone.
Did you see anyone?
It doesn’t matter. Say hello.
You’re right.

Taking a long deep breath he checked his appearance, then pushing open the bathroom door he headed back to the restaurant. For a brief moment he thought she must have stepped away, but as he approached her table she saw the waiter’s wallet.

Life is a matter of seconds.

He wasn’t sure where he’d heard the adage but it flashed through his mind, and running outside he scanned the parking lot hoping to catch her; it was empty. Jogging forward he peered into the grounds, but the heavy fog eliminated any visibility past a few yards.

You absolutely must track her down next week.
Oh, I will, trust me, I will.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you’ll swing by and visit the other authors participating.  I’m sure you’ll find some very saucy snippets.

Dominance and submission – Fifty Shades Of Grey Trailer – #ASMSG #SPANKING #BDSM #EROTICA

Yes, I know how most of us feel about the book, but I happen to love this trailer.

My Sexy Saturday – 7/25/2014 – #Romance #ASMSG #Erotica

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Greetings, and thank you for dropping in.

Below is an excerpt from my latest novel, a true romance sprinkled with a little bit of magic.



“Because when you raced out of that restaurant I was absolutely panic-stricken,” he explained still trying to catch his breath, “and there was no way I was going to let you out of my sight until I’d straightened everything out. It’s not every day I spend $175 on a taxi to chase a girl believe me.”

“I don’t think it’s something you’d make a habit of,” she panted.

“The point is,” he continued, lowering his voice and locking her eyes, “that whole, ugly scene made me realize just how much you mean to me. It brought home how much I love you. Sometimes it takes a crisis for us to recognize the truth of something.”

Beth felt the threat of warm tears, and as they materialized at the edges of her eyes she raised her lips to his, kissing him softly, then dropped her head back and gazed into the depth of his eyes.

Hope you will visit the other intriguing sexy snippets on this Saturdays hop.


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