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Saturday Spankings

Thrilled to share a snippet from my latest release, a follow-up (though stand-alone) book to the best-selling,

His Willful Bride.






Indulged since childhood by a doting father and a modern-minded mother, twenty-year-old Miranda Witherspoon is accustomed to neither discipline nor disappointment, yet despite her life of privilege her greatest desire continues to elude her. She is determined to marry a man with a title, but so far no such man has taken a lasting interest in her.

When Miranda is invited to the grand country home of Lord Edward Pemberly III for a weekend, she accepts the invitation in spite of the grudge she holds against Edward’s wife, Charlotte, and it is there that she is introduced to Lord Walter Danby. From his newfangled motor car to his confident, witty charm, the tall, dashing lord is unlike any man Miranda has ever met, and though their first encounter is tempestuous, she quickly finds herself utterly captivated by him.

In spite of—or perhaps because of—her sharp tongue and fiery temper, Walter is instantly drawn to Miranda. Her obvious need of taming only increases his interest, and upon learning of Miranda’s past ill-treatment of his beloved cousin Charlotte, Walter takes it upon himself to chastise her properly. After a painful, humiliating bare-bottom spanking, Miranda is left with blushing cheeks, a burning backside, and an intense desire for Walter that has nothing to do with his title.

Charlotte is furious that Walter and Miranda are spending time together, but Edward warns her not to interfere, assuring her that he will handle the situation. When he catches her snooping in Miranda’s guest room, Charlotte faces a severe punishment, but will a well-spanked bottom be enough to convince her to let go of the past and share in her cousin’s happiness, or will her meddling bring things to a tumultuous head?


With the weight of his legs over hers, and his tight grip holding her in place over his lap, try as she might, Miranda’s strenuous efforts to escape were futile. Her bottom was on fire, his hand was raining its painful punishment with abandon, and with her arms flailing, she let out a despondent yowl.

“My lord, I am stinging and burning,” she wailed, “please, my lord, please. I am so sorry. I shall apologize to Charlotte, and I will never do anything like that ever again, I swear.”

“An apology! Finally!” he exclaimed, pausing his hand. “I think a few more where you sit and then we’ll be done.”

Swishing his flattened palm upwards, he caught the base of her cheeks several times in quick succession. Her cry was shrill but he’d expected it, and he continued unaffected until he was satisfied she had been well and truly punished.

“There! We’re done!” he said sternly. “I hope you meant what you said.”

*    *    *

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Scintillating Sunday ~ ELIZABETH’S EDUCATION ~ An Erotic, BDSM, Victorian Novel #SMEXY #EROTIC ROMANCE







Elizabeth is willful, flirtatious and feisty, and is mesmerized by the one man who shows her no interest. The dashing, mysterious Lord Michael. When her father must travel to London on business he leaves the worldly man in charge, and what the young virgin soon discovers is that Lord Michael is a strict disciplinarian.

Forced to surrender to a sound over the knee spanking, a tearful, mortified, Elizabeth learns that her actions suddenly have consequences. Under Lord Michael’s artful mastery, the passionate girl is led through deepening layers of submission, and with bondage and discipline constant companions on her journey, she quickly learns the torrid lessons of pleasure and pain, ultimately becoming deeply smitten, and wishing only to please him.

Lord Micheal is just as captivated by Elizabeth, but he harbors lofty ambitions. He wishes to place a collar around her neck and claim her for his own, but the tests she must pass to earn the right to call him Master are challenging indeed. She must agree to an intense initiation to prove her sincerity and display her hedonistic hunger.

Will Elizabeth meet his demands? Can she surrender her modesty and inhibitions to win his ownership, and will Lord Michael able to stand firm during the tests and not waver in his dictates, and finally be able to take her into his arms and call her his own?


‘You’ve been so good, Elizabeth. You did so well tonight, I shan’t make you wait. You shall have your reward right now.’

He climbed on the bed, laying his body on top of her. His stiff rod found its way to her entrance and he pushed home. She thrust up against him, aching for more. He felt her need, and began to fuck her slowly, forcefully, holding her hands above her head, kissing her neck. The bubble inside her was growing, and she felt swept away in a tide of lust and desire. Every time he pumped into her, the wave threatened to wash over her. She knew she was whimpering, moaning and calling his name, but she couldn’t help herself.

He rose up, taking her nipples between his lips, sucking and lightly nipping, shooting sparks through her breasts, electrifying every nerve in her body. Holding himself inside her, he rolled her on to her side, and gripping her hips, began pumping her from behind. He could feel his moment building and thrust aggressively.

‘Sir,’ she suddenly cried. ‘I can feel it. Please, Sir…’

‘Yes, Elizabeth. Come for me!’

The orgasm surged through her body, and she trembled with the rippling spasms. He felt her walls seize him, and clutching her hips he exploded into her, their passionate groans in harmony.

Moments later he was holding her closely, her head buried in his chest. Her breathing was even as she drifted to sleep.

She had far surpassed his expectations. She had just one night to go.

 * * * *



My Sexy Saturday – SPANKING ROMANCE ~ A Sizzling Hot Hunky Warrior – 9/19/2015 ~ #MSS110 ~ #SMEXY #EROTIC ROMANCE



HostageeBook copy


Spankings, blazing sex, and salacious surprises fill the pages of this BDSM fairytale.

Princess Fallon is a beguiling young royal, but when the twin suns descend she tosses away her gowns, and dressed in a warrior’s garb she wields a sword and fights invisible opponents. Though svelte and small, she has developed a hidden strength and expertise, and she fears no-one!

When Princess Lizbett readies herself to take the throne, she learns that Princess Fallon has begun a reckless plan to try to take the crown. Lizbett’s warrior husband, Lord Larian, orders Zoltaire, his second-in-command, to capture Fallon and hold her until Lizbett’s coronation is over.

Princess Fallon is not an easy captive, but she quickly learns any misbehavior will be met with a trip over Zoltaire’s knee for a sound, bare-bottom spanking. Though she is initially shocked, she finds there is a residual benefit to his hot stinging hand.

Zoltaire has been trained in the dark arts of erotic domination, and he recognizes certain traits in his hellion hostage. Does she harbor secret fantasies?

Will Zoltaire stay strong, or lose his heart to the determined damsel? And what about Princess Fallon? Can she resist the charismatic warrior, or will her shadowy desires and licentious libido open her eyes to the man he is, and ultimately surrender herself to all that he offers?


Fallon was lost in a sea of sensation. She had never before experienced the overwhelming joy buried inside her sex, and as his lips continued to devour hers, she ached to be utterly his, for him to do with as he wished. When he pulled back from the kiss and eased his finger from her depths, she opened her eyes to see him gazing down at her with a soft smile.

“Princess,” he said softly, “do you wish to surrender your body to me?”

“I do,“ she gasped. “Completely and utterly.”

“Then it will be mine to enjoy as I please. Is this what you want?”

“Yes,” she whimpered.

Rising to his knees he took hold of the diaphanous fabric around her waist, and with a single tug of his mighty hands it was torn in two. She let out a startled cry, but he knew it was a wail of stunned excitement, and the simple, unexpected act had fed her fever.

“Now I shall delight in all your charms,” he muttered, lowering his mouth to tongue her belly.



 * * * * * * * * *

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A BDSM Erotic Victorian Love Story

In 2003 my first book was published. It was called Elizabeth’s Education. The publisher, Chimera Books, was (is) based in the UK, and I loved the cover, but discovered many years later it had been tagged with the dire, ADULT, banner, so the book was buried.

I’m thrilled that it is has now been re-released with a brand new “acceptable” cover, and ready for the masses. It’s amazing after all this time to see it being born again. I have always been very proud of this book. It was my first, so of course it holds special meaning.

I will be posting about the sequel over the weekend. Meanwhile, here in all it’s glory,

Elizabeth’s Education.


(This trailer was produced a few years back with the old cover, and since it wasn’t done by me I can’t switch it out).


Book Buy Link:

* * * * * * *

Something Completely Different: Stunning Horse Video #HORSES

People ask me why I’m such a horse nut.

It’s not explainable.

This might help.

Love ~ Lust ~ Obsession ~ #ASMSG #LOVE #BDSM



love -noun

a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person: attraction that includes sexual desire : the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship

lust ~ noun
very strong sexual desire
a passionate desire for something
a sensual appetite regarded as sinful

obsession – noun

the state of being obsessed with someone or something
• an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He dreamed of her, fantasized about being with her.

He said he couldn’t live without her.

Her face frolicked through his mind, uninvited and uncontrolled.

The coffee shop she’d frequent he’d sit and wait…just in case.

Love? Lust? Obsession?

Do they walk hand-in-hand?

Can one exist without the other?

How many of us have obsessed about someone we claim to love?

Is lusting after someone, by its very nature, obsessive?

We certainly lust after a person with whom we are in love.

Lust draws us in, love makes us stay, or is it still lust, but a deeper kind of  lust.

nakedforest copy

Obsession is negative – or so it has been said.

Obsession is clawing, clinging, maddening.

Lust drives us, pulls us in, fills us with a desperate hunger.

Love is a roller coaster, euphoric highs, crushing lows.

Love can change – the lust dwindles – the obsession fades.

Does that mean the love has passed?

“I love you.” (I lust after you, I obsess about you).

Love? Lust? Obsession?

Do they walk hand-in-hand?

Or are they one in the same?

Scintillating Sunday ~ 9/13/2015 ~ HIS HELLION HOSTAGE ~ #SCINTILLATINGSUNDAY





Princess Fallon is a beguiling young royal, but when the twin suns descend, she tosses away her gowns, and dressed in a warrior’s garb, she wields a sword and fights invisible opponents. Though svelte and small, she has developed a hidden strength and expertise, and she fears no-one!

When the mighty King Handerah of Verdana passes away, Princess Lizbett readies herself to take the throne, but she learns that Fallon, driven by a lifetime of hatred, has begun a reckless plan to take the crown and rule Verdana herself.

Lizbett’s husband, Lord Larian, a Zanderonian warrior, knows he must step in and foil Fallon’s scheme. He orders Zoltaire, his second-in-command, to capture Fallon and keep her captive until Lizbett’s coronation is over, but he gives Zoltaire a warning.

“Zoltaire, do not underestimate her, not for a moment. I doubt she will have a sword at her side, but she will have guile, and her ability to manipulate you could be a greater threat than her talent to brandish a weapon.”

But Lizbett fears Fallon may use her wily, womanly charms and outwit Zoltaire, and secretly decides she will use her own devices to ensure Fallon is no threat.

Can Lizbett stop Larian discovering her covert activities? Will Zoltaire manage to capture Fallon and control the fiery and passionate Princess? Is it possible for Fallon to resist the charismatic Zanderonian warrior, a man trained not just in the art of battle, but in the dark erotic ways of capturing a woman’s heart?


Lifting the flimsy grown over her head and letting it fall to the floor, she crawled past him and took up the position. Gazing at him over her shoulder she watched him kneel behind her, but as he slipped his fingers between her pussy lips, with a soulful moan she dropped her head and closed her eyes.

“So wet, so gloriously wet,” he muttered, then smiling at the satisfying sight of her reddened cheeks, he grabbed her hips and plunged forward.

He had made soft, gentle love to her since arriving in Verdana. She had been filled with sorrow and needed solace, but now she was craving his power and control, and as he felt his fever rise up, he pumped forcefully, spurred on by her gasps and cries of joy.

“Sir,” she wailed, “I have missed this so much. I need this, I need my warrior.”

“I know,” he growled, “and your crimson bottom and wet cunt is evidence of just how much.”

His words made her buck back, chasing his cock on the down stroke, and clenching his teeth, his grip tightened around her hips, refusing her any movement.

“I will ride you as I choose,” he declared, “and that will be hard.”

He saw her fingers curl around the sheets, and as he began to pummel her hot depths, she fell on to her elbows, presenting her posterior as if asking for attention. He continued his thrusting, his eyes never leaving the dusky back hole she had offered, and as he felt his orgasm loom, he released one of her hips and sent his fingers to explore. The moment he touched the dark narrow channel, she let out a wail, but she did not pull away or clench her cheeks.

 *  *  *  *  *

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Dominance and submission ~ ON DAYS LIKE TODAY ~ #ASMSG #ROMANCE #BDSM


On days like today,

when her head is seized by a tight fisted migraine,

its dark, painful hand endlessly hammering,

she longs for the comforting nook of his shoulder.

On days like today,

when her brain is a stranger,

and the fog of stress clouds her logic,

she aches for his clarity.

On days like today,

when she needs to escape,

when she needs time to stop

when she needs to be invisible,

she craves his control.

On days like today,

she needs to be weak,

she needs to be silent,

she needs not to think.

On days like today,

she needs him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Spend Labor Day Weekend With A Mischievous Witch ~ Only $1.49 ~ #ASMSG #BDSM #WARRIORS

WM copy

NOTE: Written as a stand-alone book, this is a sequel to The Warrior and the Petulant Princess.

Angelica, a carefree, playful young witch is returning to her cottage in the woods when she detects the presence of a powerful man. A Warrior of the First Order, Darius Dunworthy, has been sent by the Prince of Zanderone to find her. There is an evil menace terrifying the citizens, and the Prince believes the talented witch can help.

Angelica agrees, but finds herself intensely attracted to the strong, muscled warrior. She casts an erotic spell, but being a Warrior of the First Order Darius is no ordinary man. He immediately recognizes the naughtiness behind his burning desire to ravage her. Witch or no witch, he decides such mischief cannot go unpunished, and pulls her over his knee for a well deserved spanking.

Some ground rules,” he declared as he continued to spank her. “You will not attempt to cast any further spells on me. Do you promise?”

“OW! Yes, I promise!”

Though shocked by his discipline and his list of rules, she is even more shocked that he doesn’t fear her, but when she learns they will be guests of Princess Lizbett and Lord Larian she is determined to travel with him.

Has Angelica met her match in the mighty warrior? Will Darius be able to control the willful young witch? When they meet up with Lord Larian and Princess Lizbett, what mischief will Angelica get up to? Will the petulant Princess Lizbett be caught up in Angelica’s playful naughtiness?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

NOTE: His Hellion Hostage, the third book in the series, has just been released and can be found at:



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